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Since 1997, Digital Despair Computer Repair has been providing San Diego County with superior quality computer sales, repairs, upgrades, and networking services.  Digital Despair Computer Repair caters to the individual and small business.  Our leadership in this market segment comes from our personalized approach to doing business. We take the time to learn what our customer's needs are and we adapt our recommendations to those needs.  Don't pay for what you don't need and don't get stuck with too little computer for what you intend to use it for.  Our computers are all built to YOUR specifications.  Please call or e-mail us with your computer specifications and we'll be able to give you a price quote.

We sell computers from Dell, ACER America, and HP, as well as custom building our own systems.  Building our own systems enables us to select the finest components available.  Whether you play games, crunch numbers, or just browse the web, we can provide a solution. 

Need networking?  Once you have your computer(s), you may need to share files or printers.  We can help.  With years of experience, we can recommend the best solution to maximize your investment.  From simple peer-to-peer, to complex client-server, we have the knowledge to create a robust and reliable network infrastructure.  Need wireless AND wired networking?  We can help.  Got remote users?  We can get them on your network from anywhere they have internet access. 


Got viruses or spyware?  Computer running slow?  Frustrated with Pop-up's?  We can help.


Let us handle all your computer needs so you can worry about your business, not your computers.

We can also be found on Merchant Circle.

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