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At Digital Despair Computer Repair, we offer a wide variety of computer oriented services.  From sales to support we can address your computer needs.

  • Enterprise Maintenance Program

This program is designed for the small to mid-sized business looking to increase the reliability of their servers and workstations.  Please click on the link to the left to see service details and to use our information request form.


  • Computer Repair

If you're having a problem with your computer, you need us.  From Operating Systems to Hardware problems to virus and spyware infection, we have a solution for you.  Please call us for immediate service.


  • Computer Sales

Need a new computer?  Feel the need for speed?  Let us find a computer solution that will fit your needs.  From pre-built computers from Dell and HP, to our own custom built computers, we will have a system for you. Don't purchase too much or too little computer for your intended use.  We listen to what YOU need and base our recommendations on that.



  • Networking

Need to share files or printers?  Need to backup essential business data?  Have a remote office that needs to share data?  Have mobile users that need access to business documents while on the road? Networking can maximize your technology investment by enabling you to share your resources and while preserving your priceless files, documents, and data with backups and security.

Data Backup?                               

Most businesses neglect to backup their mission critical files and data.  This is a serious mistake.  If one simply looks at the man hours needed to recreate a weeks worth of client files or documents, it becomes painfully evident that it's easier, and more cost effective, to backup the data proactively then to wait for disaster to strike.
Do I need a new computer? 

Always let your intended use determine if you "need" a new computer.  New programs typically require more horsepower from your computer to run, but unless you're spending most of your day manipulating large images, or querying huge databases, there isn't much need for the fastest computers on the market.  The state of the art systems today are the typical office computer tomorrow.
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